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How to order a custom Pantone® color

Certain customers may require an ink color, which is not available as one of our stock colors. We offer 27 stock ink colors available with no additional charges. If you need to order a specific color, we do offer a Custom Pantone® Match for an additional charge. Custom Pantone® matching is only available when choosing a "Gang" sheet option from Varsity or Classic Formulas.

Step 1

Choose any "Gang" sheet option. Do not select any of the "Single Image" options as they do not permit custom Pantone® colors. 

Select the number of ink color in your artwork. Do not select the "Full Color" option as there is no option for custom Pantone® Colors with this program.

Step 2

Choose the sheet size you wish to use based on the actual size of your artwork. We offer (4) different sheet size within the "Gang" sheet options.

Step 3

Upload your art file. Select your first color from the Color Options Menu. You can combine stock colors and Custom Colors. In this example, we have chosen white for the first color.  Next, we will select our Custom Pantone® Color which is indicated with "Custom PMS + $30". With this option selected, you can now enter the custom Pantone® color you want us to print for the 2nd color.


Step 4

Enter your Custom Pantone® color in the Pop UP window.  Please verify the Pantone® number is correct and also provide a description of the color.  Example: Bright Pink 219c.  Finish the order by entering your quantity, job description and Art review.  Once completed, simply add the order to the cart.



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