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Answers To Common Questions

  • What type of transfers do you offer?

    We offer custom screen printed heat transfers.

  • Do your heat transfers print on polyester fabrics?

    Yes, we offer several print formulas which work on both 100% polyester as well as 50/50 blends.

  • How many colors can you print?

    We offer printing up to 3 spot colors, however, we also offer a process color option which allows for 'unlimited' color printing. 

  • What is your minimum order?

    Minimum order quantities vary depending on product/program. Our 1 color .15 and .20 cent programs offer the lowest MOQ at only 1 pc! Even some of our other programs are offered at MOQs as low as 8 pcs.

  • Can you print a jpg or png file?

    We do accept high resolution jpg or png files. Please note that all files are reviewed to ensure they meet our internal printing specs for a quality reproduction of your art work. If a file is deemed 'unacceptable' or low resolution, we may offer a rework/redraw at a nominal fee. 

  • What is your typical turn around time?

    Our standard turn time for most products/programs is 2 business days. However, our 1 color .15 and .20 cent programs offer a fast, next business day ship. Please note, all orders must be placed before 3:00pm EST. 

  • What happens if my artwork fails the preflight check?

    If your art file has 'failed' preflight, it means that there is some area or areas of the artwork submitted which falls below our printing specs and may not print properly. Our art and customer service team will work together to provide solutions, where possible. Please note that artwork concerns must be resolved before we can print so your WHOLE order will be placed on hold pending correction, this may cause a delay of your shipping date. 

  • What shipping methods are available?

    Standard shipping method is via UPS. We offer standard Ground as well as expedited services right on our online ordering platform.

  • Do you offer US Postal service shipping?

    Yes, we can adjust your online profile to accommodate for USPS shipping. However, please allow 1 additional day in transit due to early USPS pick ups.

  • Do you guarantee the transfers to work on my printable items?

    Our transfer programs are geared to work best on specific products. We require our customers to test our transfers on any new fabric types before production to ensure you are using the best product for the material. Due to the variances in materials available, we cannot guarantee the transfers to print on everything and anything.

  • What types of heat press machine do I need to print Six Thirteen transfers?

    We recommend that you use a commercial heat press machine which is able to generate a minimum of 40-60 PSI. We prefer machines from Hix.

  • Can I submit my order from my phone?

    No, we do not accept orders OVER the phone. However, our website and ordering platform is easily accessible via mobile.

  • Can I place my  order online?

    Yes, you can place your orders online via computer, laptop, tablet and even your cellphone. Please note that you will need access to art files to place your order so if uploading a new art file, we recommend using a dektop or laptop computer. 

  • What types of payments are accepted?

    All major credit cards are accepted.

  • Which software programs can create vector artwork?

    You can create vector artwork using Adobe Illustrator and even Corel Draw. Please note that if using Corel Draw, you will need to save your file as a PDF before uploading it for an order. 

  • What artwork file types can be uploaded?

    Recommended file types: PDF, PSD, EPS or AI

    Accepted file types: PDF, PSD, AI, EPS, JPG, PNG or TIFF 

  • Why don't you offer gang sheets on the 15 cent deal?


    Our .15 and .20 cent programs are single image only to allow for efficient and quick turn printing. It's an awesome deal no matter which way you cut it!
  • What is a "gang" sheet?


    A 'gang' sheet is a specific sheet size or printing area with multiple logos or art files within that area. The logos can be multiples of the same art or different art files, as long as they have the same printing specs (ie 1 color for poly or full color process for cotton, etc). Please note that you should layout your art files on the size you wish to order to ensure you get the most from your 'gang' sheet. Best practice would be to create an art board at the correct size and layout files within it. Don't forget to leave space so you can easily cut your logos apart before application. 
  • Can I change ink colors within the same order?


    Many customers ask, "Can I print half of my order in one color and the remaining order in a different color"?  We do not offer a "color change" due to the way we manufacture our custom transfers. If you have a design which you want to print in two different colors, simply save your artwork to "my saved files" after you place your first order.  Then press the continue shopping button and repeat the order and select a different ink color.  You can pull the art file from your "saved files".  
  • Teflon Bonnets & Teflon Sheets - Can I use them with 613 Transfers?


    We do not recommend using Teflon Bonnets or Teflon sheets which are placed on or around the heating platen.  Teflon between the heating platen can cause the transfer to be applied below the stated temperature on your digital or mechanical thermometer by as much as 30°F.  Using a Teflon sheet voids our replacement warranty because the transfers will fail due to improper application.
  • I'm a Local Customer, Can I pick up my order at 613 Originals?
     Due to Covid-19 our customer pick up service has been suspended until further notice.  We can set your online shipping preferences for customer pick up. Please note that your order may not be ready for pick up until the day after the order is scheduled to print.  We do not offer same day service for pick up orders.
  • Are 613 Original transfers made from cut vinyl? No, our heat transfers are printed using plastisol inks which are screen-printed on to a special release paper.  There is no weeding or cutting necessary and they apply as quickly as 7 seconds!